Full feature list

Desktop web app for the admin team

Mobile app for the mobile team

Modern and simple to use

Securely held data for your and your customer’s data

GDPR compliant

Continued refinement

The Scheduler


  • Personalise with your company name and logo
  • Different levels of access for your team, including:
    • Company owner
    • Admin team
    • Mobile team
      • Group workers into different categories or teams


  • Add clients’ details with a logo and upload for easy identification
  • Customise your job details to suit your business
  • Generate quotes & invoices
    • charge for parts or other resources
    • charge for labour
    • log if a deposit has been taken


  • See all jobs assigned to your team that day at-a-glance
  • Print the full schedule for a day
  • Select workers and print all the important job information for that day, including a route map (ideal for areas with no or inconsistent mobile network coverage).
  • Create jobs to assign to your mobile team.
  • Create job statuses to match your business & colour code your schedule for at-a-glance management of all jobs
  • Filter jobs by status
  • Segment jobs into time intervals so you can let your customers know when to expect you
  • Job details include:
    • Job number (generated automatically)
    • Job date
    • Assigned workers
      • Set as a two-person job and assign another worker
    • Job type
    • Job status
    • Job duration
    • Travel time
    • Provider / Client name
    • Image upload (ideal for proof of work completed or any supporting documents)
    • Log Proof of purchase details
    • Additional job information
      • Set the type, brand, model and serial number of the equipment
      • Enter the fault reported by the customer and the resolution
      • Log any accessories which have been collected and brought back to base
    • Customer details
      • Full name
      • Job
      • Job address
      • Contact phone numbers
      • Email address
      • Mark the customer as ‘Covid clear’
    • See an audit trail of all changes made to a job
    • Text notifications are sent out to the customer the night before to give them a time slot / ETA.
    • Assign parts or resources to a job and track their status (e.g. ordered, received, fitted)
    • Classify completed jobs so you can see trends in your business
    • See total ‘job time’, ‘drive time’ & ‘total time’ for each worker.
    • Schedule annual leave and other appointments so you can see availability



  • Autoroute journeys based on your customer’s postcodes:
    • Jobs are arranged in the most efficient order
    • Automatically generate travel time between jobs
    • View your routes on Google Maps
    • Use drag and drop to manually arrange your jobs to suit your day
  • Split the working day into timed segments
  • Search for specific jobs or postcodes



    • Generate ‘work in progress’ reports and ‘financial reports’ which can be filtered by:
      • Date
      • Assigned worker
      • Job status
      • Model number
      • Provider / Client
      • Customer type
      • Job type 
      • Job title
    • Bulk mark jobs as paid
    • Export as CSV



    • clear and informative dashboards to give you an immediate overview of your business
      • See the trends of incoming jobs over the last quarter
      • See trends of turn around over the last quarter
      • Tally of jobs that have come in today
      • Work in progress by client and how long since the job was created
      • Outstanding client invoices and how long since they were issued
      • See how many jobs are associated with each job status

Customer database

  • Save contact information
  • See customers’ locations on google maps

The App


    • See only the relevant information with a simplified view
    • Show a vehicle safety checklist every day (customisable)
    • ID screen – branded page to introduce your mobile team to the customer (customisable)
    • Set up profiles for all your employees with a photo
    • Brand the app with your logo
    • See a dashboard showing an overview about upcoming and overdue jobs
    • See all jobs scheduled in a day and what time slots they have been assigned to
    • Send a text message or call the customer, letting them know you are on your way and when they should expect you
    • Quickly update the job with:
  • Photos
  • Notes
  • Parts & supplies
  • Change the job’s status
  • Show customers a rating screen to get instant feedback

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