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Online Service Scheduling Software

Koritsu is the perfect online scheduling software for small businesses that need to organise their team, plan routes to assigned jobs, and receive feedback from remote employees on customers’ premises. The video below gives a brief introduction to the service scheduling software. Please contact us for more information.

A desktop screen shows the Kōritsu scheduling software and the accompanying mobile app

Key features

An icon showing a service scheduling calendar.

Schedule mobile workers

An icon showing automatically planned routes on maps

Automatically plan routes

An icon showing a laptop managing materials and parts

Manage resources, materials & parts

An icon showing multiple customers and clients

Store client & customer information

An icon showing successful payment

Easily manage payments

Kōritsu service scheduling mobile app

Dedicated mobile app

An icon showing KPI charts

KPI Dashboard

An icon showing automated messages for customers

Automated customer texting

Scheduling tools

The Kōritsu scheduling dashboard showing a circular route which has been automatically planned using Google maps

Visual planning

Get an instant overview of everything your team is currently working on with an easy-to-navigate colour-coded dashboard. Create new or repeat jobs, assign them to workers, enter customer’s details, and auto plan the most efficient routes.


Make your day as efficient as possible by automatically routing your jobs with Google maps. Kōritsu uses your customer’s postcode and calculates the best route for each remote worker’s schedule. Add an estimated time to a job to allow the system to calculate total working times and optimum drive times, while giving you an option to manually edit a schedule using drag and drop.

Automatically text customers with a time slot

Organise your jobs into time slots, and Kōritsu will automatically send a text to your customers the night before informing them of when to expect your mobile team. Automatic texts keep your customers informed, happy, and more likely to be at home at the time of the scheduled visit.

Review and report

Quickly see the status of jobs in your business on the scheduling dashboard, then drill down into more detail with Financial reports and Work in Progress (WIP) reports. Manage KPI’s through a series of admin and operational insights pages.

A screen showing an invoice with labour costs added, Payments made and VAT
A screen showing an invoice with labour costs added, Payments made and VAT

Billing and payments

Create quotes and invoices, charging for resources, parts and labour. You can email documents directly to the customer and log any payments made so you can stay on top of your finances.

Full visibility

See a log of all activities on the job. The log shows all status changes, who made them and when. For example, you can open a job, see who created it, how many times the job changed the status, and the date when the invoice was generated. Have complete visibility on the history of each job so any member of your team can pick it up and know what the next step is.

Client information and Customer service

Keep all essential details to hand with a secure database of customer and client information. This information includes:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Google maps street view of address
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Scheduling mobile app

The Kōritsu mobile app showing the service scheduling software and a dashboard giving a summary of today's and tomorrow's jobs

Android™ app

Empower your workers with a dedicated android mobile scheduling app so that they can manage jobs efficiently and instantly feedback to the admin team from the customer address.

Update jobs on the go

Update the job status, add pictures, write notes, reorganise your day and add parts or materials to the job.

ID screen for each job

Gain customers’ trust with an individualised ID screen, introducing your team members with names, photographs and the logo of the client they are working for.

Vehicle & individual safety check

Satisfy health and safety needs with a vehicle & personnel safety checklist that workers need to fill out once a day. Customise this screen to show the health and safety checks you need.


What are the benefits of job scheduling software?

Job scheduling software helps to keep track of the day to day running of your business. This in turn allows you to see how much capacity you have within your team to take on work and helps to plan for the future.

How do I track an employee schedule easily?

With Kōritsu you can easily track the schedules of all your employees. From the scheduling page you can see how many jobs are allocated to each employee, whether they have any holiday or time out booked on that day, and how long it will take them to drive to and complete all their scheduled jobs.

You can even set the target hours for your employees so that they will not receive too many or too few jobs.

Who can use Kōritsu Service Scheduling?

If you run a business where you need workforce scheduling to external locations, Kōritsu can work for you. Some examples are:

  • Repairs
  • Healthcare
  • Social care
  • Tutoring
  • Beauty
  • Building maintenance
  • Childcare
What does Kōritsu mean?

Kōritsu is a Japanese word that means efficiency, which is the main goal of our scheduling software. We aim to make it as efficient as possible to manage your workforce and all the periphery tasks which come with it.

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